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Bottom of the Iceberg: A future memoir by Sharon Chang (*Introductory Price*)

Bottom of the Iceberg: A future memoir by Sharon Chang (*Introductory Price*)

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This Book Is a Gift

Bottom of the Iceberg is meant to be a gift for anyone who wants to make a commitment to one’s future self. More than a book, it is an artifact to accompany journeys of self-exploration as we contemplate how each of us fits into the greater whole. While it’s possible to simply purchase a copy, we encourage you to gift it with intention. If you are gifting it to yourself, please write a note (from your future self to you, or vice versa) with love and care on a chosen page. If you are gifting it to a family member, a friend, or a colleague, get a hold of a physical copy, write a note with your wish for their future, and sign the copy to honor your connection to one another.

Happy reading.



Sharon Chang’s life could easily be mistaken for a fable about the things money and success can’t buy. Yet Bottom of the Iceberg is much more than that. Rebelling against all of her external identities—artist, designer, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist—Chang embarks on a poetic journey of self-exploration as she chronicles the highs and lows that shaped her character. Through a disjointed childhood and rollercoaster adult life, profound love and loss led her to question what our collective future holds as the world we have known is steadily dying. At this shared existential crossroad, Chang spins out the story into a future we may have yet to live, but one she has fully embodied. The result is a fascinating future memoir that offers the gift of a compass to navigate a world in desperate need of healing and regeneration.


About the Author

Sharon Chang is the quintessential multi-hyphenate: with formal training in art and architecture, she works across sectors spanning independent filmmaking, impact investing, and higher education to effect systems change through radical imagination. Born in Taiwan to displaced Chinese parents, and educated in the USA and Europe, she now lives between New York City and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


About the Publisher

We bring to life beautiful things that are hard to describe, hard to label, and hard to categorize.

Inspired by a myth from the future, FERA Press represents a new dimension in publishing. Instead of making commodities that favor speed and scale, we partner with creators to craft beautiful artifacts from transformational experiences.

We are agnostic to medium and format and choose our projects based on frequency alignment. We explore unusual distribution modalities to remove an unhealthy dependency on convenience. And our partners recognize aesthetic rigor as a compass to orient mindful culture production.

As a result, publishing is a collaborative practice that centers love and care, honors the power of dreaming in wilderness, and provides support for magical journeys of metamorphosis.

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